Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Unbreakable Stone

From what I remember, I was just six or seven years of age and it really seems like yesterday. I remember my father working at his business and I looked at him as he danced around the machine. I was getting a bit dizzy just watching him. Sweat was dripping down his head to his eyes and I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now I do. I will tell you about these thoughts in a just a minute.

While he was working, I was working too, but my work was a bit different. It was about building a fort for my GI Joe figures. We both had a stream of objectives. My objective was to build that fort at all costs. My father's objective was too provide (along with my mother of course) for his family. In my mind, I kept repeating, "The figure goes here and that goes there," but I was missing something?

"Hey Dad?" He looked at me as fighter would with his "eyes on the prize." "Yes, Pop Icon?" I responded, "Hey Dad, can you take me to Walgreens to buy another GI Joe figure?" There was a pause on his face and perhaps, a blank stair. He was sweating like a dripping faucet. Another pause and this all took place within seconds. Then a smile came on and he walked over, "Let's go."

What's up with this story? It really didn't mean anything then or at that time. While this story doesn't sound ground breaking at all, this story is a constant stone in my thoughts. No one will ever break this stone. This stone is unbreakable and I will never live to see the day that it breaks. What is this stone? This stone is what many have never been taught, but I was one of those lucky ones who learned what it really means to have a strong work ethic.

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